Outsourcing Primer


The question may be raised; “why hire an outside contractor?”

In today’s office climate, the upper echelon of management may realize the need for an outside observer and their focus. Someone who is immune to office politics and or the comfort of tenure. How much time is actually utilized by salaried employees? There are lunch breaks as well as the required breaks (of which there are two), the infamous water cooler conversations and the list can go to sick days, paid vacations, national holidays etcetera. How devoted are they and do they really care? Is it just a job?

The answer to, “why hire an outsourced contractor?” is this: an outsourced contractor is purely focused on serving the client or task at hand and usually not much more unless they are directed to do so. A consultant gives you “the most bang for your buck.” Consultants are judged on their performance and value.

The consultants at GetSmart IT are highly sought after. Business owner’s and managers realize, the more than a decade of IT knowledge and implementation that GetSmart brings to their networks, is the key to success.

Curtis has been working in the Information Technology field for more than twenty years, keeping systems running efficiently and transparently. He is dedicated to the art of communication, in it’s varying forms. He also strives to diffuse the Information Technology knowledge base by disseminating his expertise to the users in a way that is readily absorbed and easily utilized.

He listens to the users needs and uses his skills to leverage creative solutions to fulfill the users requests.

Some of the clients that Curtis has collaborated with are: Sony, Chicago Tribune, Helene Curtis-Unilever, Alberto Culver, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Elite Models, J. Walter Thompson, and Smurfit Stone. The capacity and scope of these endeavors have been anywhere from B2B communications to network design and security implementations to dynamic file serving environments. Curtis has a natural ability with electronics and people, making him an excellent choice for an outsourced IT partner.

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